Initial Estimate

Every assessment and Ecopilot® installation is customized based on your building requirements and we are pleased to offer a building assessment free of charge.  Our team of energy experts will develop an evaluation that includes an inventory of your building’s technical systems, structure of the building, capacity for thermal storage, optimum temperature range for comfort and historical energy usage. To get started, complete this form to receive the checklist. From this, we will provide an Ecopilot ® estimate which includes an energy saving forecast. 


Our considerable experience in building energy efficiency improvements and our understanding of how ventilation, heating and cooling systems collaborate, ensure that every Ecopilot® installation is conducted efficiently and without disruption to your business activities.  Your project includes all necessary training, advice and support you need to ensure everything functions perfectly.

Evaluation & Monitoring

Your first year of operation includes a dedicated energy technician to provide monitoring and optimization.  You will receive quarterly reports that include the current status of your building, progress of energy savings, details of observed anomalies, recommendations for continued energy reduction improvements and other details specific to your building project. 

Get Started Today

Please fill in your details here and we will get back to you with detailed information about the effects of Ecopilot® on your property.