About the Position
Position: Technician – EcoPilot Canada

EcoPilot Canada creates, develops, sells, installs and services EcoPilot® systems used for Real Time Energy Management in Commercial, Industrial and Institutional (CI&I) buildings. We are energetically pursuing the installation of EcoPilot® AI Technology into privately owned Commercial and Industrial properties, and the public properties and Institutions owned and operated by every level of Government in Canada.

To support the rapid growth and expansion of EcoPilot Canada we are looking for a technician to join the team. As the newest member of our team you are a shining star, energetic, passionate, and forward thinking. You are an energy conservationist and a #carboncrusader looking to bring state of the art AI software to the climate change battleground. You will work from our Head Office in Halifax; Nova Scotia and you will be part of the team responsible for the deployment of EcoPilot® software solutions Canada wide.
Upon joining the company, you will be given EcoPilot® specialist training which, when added to the skills and experience you bring to the table, will allow you to function as a qualified EcoPilot Canada systems technician. The training will consist of theoretical, practical and on-job training.

As an EcoPilot Canada Technician you will be involved in evaluating and assessing buildings being considered for EcoPilot® installation, and you will participate in the technical processes involved with design, development, installation, operation and monitoring of the EcoPilot® systems installed in buildings throughout Canada.

On completion of your EcoPilot® training you will:
• Provide input regarding target building selection to EcoPilot Canada customers and team members
• Analyze building checklist data for completion and accuracy
• Assist with on-site building assessment related to potential installation issues
• Communicate with BMS/BAS/Building staff to meet and complete project requirements.
• Participate in the hardware/software/ICT physical installation at target buildings
• Participate in the integration of HVAC systems, meters, sensors and points into the EcoPilot® customized software solutions
• Participate in the Test and Commissioning of EcoPilot® customized software solutions
• Participate in Building Operator Training sessions
• Contribute to, create, develop, update and maintain project documentation related to installations
• Deliver remote and on-site technical support for field operations
• Monitor installed Ecopilot® systems for continued Energy Performance.

Qualifications and Experience
• Degree or Diploma training in automation controls, HVAC, or demonstrated comparable experience strongly preferred
• HVAC/Electrical job knowledge and experience
• Courses and/or demonstrated practical experience in IP Networking, BACnet, Modbus, LonMark, JSON.
• Microsoft Office and AutoCAD software proficient.
• Experience in HMI design, commissioning, and data acquisition is an asset
• Hold a driver's license and be available for travel throughout North America from time to time
• Excited about building automation and energy efficiency

To Apply
Send your resume and covering letter by email to our Business Operations Manager Cherl D’Eon at cherl@ecopilotcanada.com

We would like to thank all applicants in advance but only persons screened for subsequent interviews will be contacted in response.

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